WFP has signed a Long-Term Agreement with PLASTEX

Silos have been in use for over 11,000 years, to store grain in times of plenty, and ensure food supply in times of scarcity. They are a vital cog in a viables food chain. 

WFP has signed a Long-Term Agreement with Plastex for WFP designed 500L sealed silos, for distribution to 16,0000 farm household in drought-prone districts, eg Changara (Tete), Chokwe and Chibuto (Gaza). The aim is to strengthen climate resilience, increase grain storage, secure food supply throughout the year, and enhance viability of regional farmers.   

WFP will distribute the silos under the SUSTENTA program, assisted by the Government of Flanders, aimed at enhancing the productivity of smallholders in rural areas. 

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP), the leading humanitarian organization, works to save lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies, and improving nutrition. 

The addition of 500 L silos to its range will increase Plastex’ product offering and its pivot to the vital agricultural sector, where it is already a significant supplier.