SANI-CAB, developed by PLASTEX in Mozambique, to assist in the battle against COVID-19. Designed for use at the entrance to public and private institutions such as companies, pharmacies, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, airports, hospitals, ports, stations and in all places with large foot traffic.

PLASTEX SANI CAB is a six square meters disinfectant booth for people, clothes and objects on entering a building or other areas where people congregate. The disinfectant is held in a plastic container, and is sprayed in a fine mist into the cabin by a pump and piping.

The plastic cabin is manufactured using rotomoulding technology, with an integrated system of mini sprays, a 0.5hp electric pump and piping, a 250 L tank, a motion sensor coupled to a relay, a lamp with transparent acrylic to protect against humidity, and a plastic mat at the base of the cabin. The system is adaptable for use with any type of suitable disinfectant.