Rain Water Eco Tank – ECO1000

Storing 1000 litres
High quality accessories
UV- stabilized outer layer
Rust and corrosion-resistant

Easy transportation, handling and installation
High quality virgin polyethylene *
Food grade black inner lining prevents algae growth

BPA free

*compatible for storing drinking water

Standard Colour

Alternative Colours

Note: Any colours not mentioned above can be custom manufactured.

What is Rainwater Harvesting?
  • Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater which falls onto a roof surface and storing it for later use.
  • By harvesting and utilising rainwater in our homes, we reduce our demand for municipal water.
How it all works?
  • Ordinarily, rainwater from a roof surface is channeled away by gutters and downpipes resulting in millions of litres of rainwater running to waste every rainfall. 
  • By simply diverting the gutter downpipe into a PLASTEX TANK, rainwater can be collected and stored to be utilised at a later stage
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The Process
Step 1 - Rainwater from the roof surface is channeled by the gutter to the downpipe.
Step 2 - The downpipe feeds the rainwater directly into the top of the PLASTEX Tank. Leaves and other debris are filtered out by the stainless-steel mesh filter screen situated below the tank lid.
Step 3-The harvested rainwater is then stored in the PLASTEX Tank until it is needed.
Step 4A bronze tap is used to draw stored water from the PLASTEX Tank.
  • Rainwater is a natural pure, clean and sustainable source of water.

  • Free and cost-effective alternative to tap water.

  • By harvesting rainwater we lower demand for municipal water thus significantly reducing the monthly water bill. (One millimeter of rain on one square meter of roof, equals one liter of water).

  • Rainwater tanks also reduce the impact of storm water on drainage infrastructure, roads, urban streams and beaches, and have the potential to reduce the peaks of flood events.

  • Water saving reduces energy requirements and mitigates carbon footprint.

  • Ideal for domestic and agricultural applications.

  • Rainwater tanks make a home take a big leap towards being self-reliant and sustainable.

  • A solution to ensure water security for future generations.

  • Space-saving water tank design are available for urban use.

  • Tanks are designed to prevent UV damage sunlight and algae growth.