Silo Storage Tank 500 Liters

Grain storage silos designed and produced in Mozambique, in the most productive agricultural areas. Available with capacities of 500L, ideal for the small farmer; Suitable for agricultural, commercial, and domestic use, ideal for storing grains such as corn, soybeans, sunflower seeds, boer beans, and sesame seeds.

High quality accessories
UV- stabilized outer layer
Rust and corrosion-resistant
Easy to clean;
Hermetic lids allow you to keep moisture out of the container;
Produced with high quality virgin polyethylene, preventing contamination;
They are molded in one piece to provide maximum strength and durability
Innovative and versatile, of multiple application: the farmer can store grain or water in the same silo, depending on the needs of each season

Easy transportation, handling and installation
High quality virgin polyethylene *
Food grade black inner lining prevents algae growth

BPA free

*compatible for storing drinking water

Standard Colour

Alternative Colours

Note: Any colours not mentioned above can be custom manufactured.